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Te Kauwhata, New Zealand

NZ Clairvoyant - Michelle Byers

Messages from Loved Ones/Personal Numerology/Clairvoyant/Medium


Spiritually Funky - Healing Centre now open in Te Kauwhata

Posted on 24 May, 2013 at 21:23 Comments comments (138)
 As a Clairvoyant/Medium it has always been my dream to have a place where like-minded people can gather to share and learn and just generally enjoy their day in a safe environment, where you can have a cup of tea/coffee and maybe a scone, read some books, play with some tarot cards or runes, where I can distribute Spiritual gifts such as crystals, candles, taonga blessing each item as it leaves.  I am pleased to announce that I have recently attained my dream and have a Healing Centre available which I  look forward to you joining me in at some stage.  At present bookings are essential and I accept individual/group bookings and am also available for workshops so please let me know what you would like these to be run on?  Still have a few places for June Workshops - Numerology for beginners and Spiritual Growth.  These are available in both Weekday and Weekend classes.  Meet the Medium days/nights are always fun and I also enjoy Hens Nights/Ladies Nights where I can do messages from loved ones and general mediumship or short readings for all your guests. So whether you want to get some friend together or visit on your own, please contact me and we can go from there. Write your post here.


Posted on 18 July, 2012 at 3:30 Comments comments (350)
Wanted to get some ideas if my followers would like a daily Numerology Outlook.  To get familiar with the numbers I feel this would give everyone some overview on each number and also ready you for the day ahead.  Please let me know of any suggestions you may have regarding learning, and Spiritual growth as we are all on a journey discovering new things every day.
                            Friday  20/07/2012  =  2/7/5 = 2+7+5 = 14/5
Adapt to the changes throughout the day quickly and without fuss as this will allow you to cruise through the day rather than fight all the challenges put in front of you.  Being aware that overthinking is also around you today and one of those things that can put big blocks in the way of good ideas and thoughts, just go with the flow.

Spiritual Outlook for October - Numerology

Posted on 28 September, 2011 at 6:07 Comments comments (26)
Wow, who can believe that we have already experienced 9 months of 2011?  A lot of us are starting to feel dreary and although Day Light Saving has started we are all trying to catch up with it.  October brings us the 10th month of the Year.  There will be a lot of new beginnings throught out this Month and as we all go through these we must remember to stay POSITIVE!  Remembering each and every one of us that the negative side of the 10/1 is to feel lonely or sorry for the Self.  Do not allow your Self to become involved with anything negative through out the Month and by the end of it you will be ready to get all the new in to balance and peace during the 11 month of November.  HAVE FUN!!!